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The Daily Chela is a new digital media outlet that has by cited by The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, NBC News, Yahoo News, Vox, The Washington Post, Forbes, Fox Sports, former presidential candidate Julián Castro, and the National Association Of Hispanic Journalists.


Film After Covid

In this episode, Brandon discusses the future of film after COVID with Hollywood insider Jordan Michael.



Drug Cartels

In this episode, Brandon speaks with Mexico City Journalist and author loan Grillo about drug cartels and the role the United States plays in facilitating the...


Understanding Fascism

In this episode, Brandon speaks with David M. Crane who is an American lawyer and formally the Chief Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Topics...



In this episode, Brandon talks with Rotten Tomatoes and Latinx Lens critic Rosa Parra to discuss film representation.



Myths Of Hollywood Stardom

In this episode, Brandon speaks with Hollywood insider Jordan Michael who has worked in and around Hollywood for 15 years. Topics include: Hollywood agents...


The Hard Luck Show

Listen to the latest episode of The Hard Luck Show. New episodes uploaded weekly. Follow The Hard Luck ShowFacebookInstagram Follow The Daily...


The Varrio Voices Podcast

Listen to the latest episode of The Varrio Voices Podcast with Velaz. New episodes uploaded weekly. Follow Varrio VoicesFacebookInstagram Follow The Daily...


Flash Fiction: “Fists Up”

The following is a fiction submission by Metzli Lemus, a 15-year-old writer who resides in Sacramento, California.“Ma! Where’s the shirt that I hung up to dry...


The Cholo Stereo Podcast

On this episode of The Cholo Stereo Podcast, Miguel talks with R Dub. Follow The Cholo Stereo PodcastFacebookInstagramTwitter Follow The Daily...


New Highs N Lows

Listen to the latest episode of The New Highs N Lows Podcast. New episodes uploaded weekly. Follow the New Highs N Lows:YoutubeFacebook Follow The Daily...

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