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The Daily Chela is a new digital media outlet that has by cited by The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, NBC News, Yahoo News, Vox, The Washington Post, Forbes, Fox Sports, former presidential candidate Julián Castro, and the National Association Of Hispanic Journalists.


Remembering The Chicano Moratorium

The Chicano Moratorium was a flashpoint in Chicano and Mexican American history. In this video, we breakdown the events of 1970 and the killing of journalist...


Who Were The Aztec Eagles?

How much do you know about WW2? In our first installment of 2 Minute History, we explore the story of the 201st Squadron, also known as the “Aztec Eagles,” a...


What Is A Chicano?

What is a Chicano? What is Chicano culture? Is it a political view? Is it a cultural view? Is it cars? Is it art? Is it fashion? On this episode of the Brandon...


Comic: Evolution Of The Edgar

In his first comic for The Daily Chela, Alberto Soto pokes fun at the evolution of the Edgar haircut in his new weekly comic “American Mestizo.”...


Watch: History Of The Toltecs

In the following video produced by Charley Trujillo and Niall Manning, in partnership with The Daily Chela, professor Arturo Villarreal explores the history of...


Discussing Media Representation

In this episode, Brandon discusses the media landscape with Julio Ricardo Varela who is the founder of Latino Rebels and works with Futuro Media. ...


Exclusive Podcast Episodes

This is where paid subscribers can access private or unlisted links to watch full length live podcast episodes without a paywall, as well as additional...


Remembering The Zoot Suit Riots

This week marked the 78th anniversary of the Zoot Suit Riots. But how much do you know about the Zoot Suit Riots? In the podcast below, Daily Chela founder...


The Art Of Lowriding

In this episode, Brandon discusses the art of lowriding with John Ulloa who is a professor, author, and lowrider historian.



Street Realities

In this episode, Brandon discusses police, gangs, prisons, media bias, and political correctness with Gil Tejada who is a former gang member and host of the...


Film After Covid

In this episode, Brandon discusses the future of film after COVID with Hollywood insider Jordan Michael.



Drug Cartels

In this episode, Brandon speaks with Mexico City Journalist and author loan Grillo about drug cartels and the role the United States plays in facilitating the...


Understanding Fascism

In this episode, Brandon speaks with David M. Crane who is an American lawyer and formally the Chief Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Topics...

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