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Census: Latinos Now Majority in Texas

Texas also joins California as one of only two states with a population exceeding 30 million inhabitants.

Latinos are now the largest demographic group in Texas, surpassing non-Latino whites for the first time since the mid-19th century.

According to Census data, the state’s Latino population reached 12 million, exceeding the non-Latino white population and transforming Texas into a majority-minority state.

The data reveals that approximately 40.2 percent of Texans are Latinos, while 39.8 percent are non-Latino white. This demographic milestone not only positions Latinos as the largest demographic group in Texas, but also establishes them as the majority in the two largest states in the country, Texas and California.

Additionally, Texas joins California as one of only two states with a population exceeding 30 million inhabitants, marking another milestone for the Lone Star State.

The Latino population in Texas has been growing at a faster rate than the non-Latino white population for several years. Over the past decade, the non-Latino white population increased by 4.7 percent, whereas the Latino population experienced a significant growth of 27.5 percent.

The demographic trend underscores increasing Latino political influence in every election.

Some strategists believe that the demographic shift in Texas will lead to a demand for greater representation and a stronger voice in government from the Latino community.

While changing demographics in Texas were once seen as a potential driver of political transformation, Texas Democrats have yet to fully capitalize on this opportunity. Despite a majority of Texas Latinos consistently voting for Democrats, a notable percentage also supports Republican candidates, distinguishing them from their counterparts in California.

In the 2022 gubernatorial election, Republican Governor Greg Abbott secured 40 percent of the Latino vote, per a CBS News exit poll.

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