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Group Launches “Virtual Chicano College” Free Of Cost

The only expense to the student is the time and effort they put into working through the courses.

MeXicanos 2070, a national organization dedicated to regaining and enriching Mexican American culture through educational programs and alliances launches the first classes of the Colegio Chicano del Pueblo (CCP), with college-level distance learning on September 16, 2020, in collaboration with Prescott College of Prescott, Arizona.

Dr. Ernesto Todd Mireles, a professor in Xicano Studies and Community Organizing at Prescott College, chair of the MeXicanos 2070, is the coordinator of the virtual school.

Mireles, along with Dr. Jerry Garcia, Vice President of Educational Services at Sea Mar Community Health Centers in Seattle Washington, will kick off its first classes using the online learning platform Google Classroom.

“Our intent is to bring Xicano studies to the largest assembly of Mexican American students ever – anyone with access to a computer and the internet,” Mireles stated. “There is no cost to take the courses. The only expense to the student is the time and effort they put into working through the courses.”

Each self-paced course is set for an eight-week period. Course load work for each class will be the equivalent of a university level four-credit course.

The three inaugural courses titled, Building MeXicano Political Power I and II, and Bringing Xicano History to the Present, will focus on building political power in Xicano communities and understanding their historical past.

“Regardless of your background or academic interest, it is important to understand the Xicano community to better address their needs and issues,” said Garcia.

Prior educational experience is not required to enroll in the CCP courses. Since each course is self-paced, the student works through the course until they have mastery of the subject.

We believe Xicanos and Xicanas of all ages want access to professionally developed, undergraduate and graduate level courses specifically about the Xicano community.

The goal of the CCP curriculum is to build a 28-32 credit program equivalent to a minor/specialization in a particular academic field.

“These free online courses will serve as a resource for professional development for grassroots community organizations who want to deepen staff knowledge on the history, literature, and politics of the Xicano community,” said Professor Armando Rendón, a board member for MeXicanos 2070 and author of the Xicano movement classic, Chicano Manifesto.

 Anyone interested in applying can send an inquiry email Subject: Chicano Colegio, to 2020mexicano2070@gmail.com.

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