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Our 10 Most Read—And Controversial— Columns Of 2019

We look forward to continuing to tackle controversial issues in 2020.

The Daily Chela is only 90 days old, but we’re off to a hot start. Did you catch everything? Below is a list of our 10 most read—and controversial—columns of 2019. Check them out and share!

  1. Cholos Are As American As Apple Pie
  2. Don’t Forget The Chicanos Of Vietnam
  3. No, You Aren’t Entitled To The Chicano Experience
  4. The Woke Police Raid Chicano History
  5. Zach De La Rocha Is The Greatest Latino MC
  6. L.A. Was Once The Mural Capital Of The World
  7. 201st Squadron: Mexico’s Greatest Generation
  8. Yo, Twitter: Verify More Latinos!
  9. How Brownside and Eazy-E Reinvented Rap
  10. 10 Annoying Things Pochos Deal With

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