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Weekly News Roundup – 13 Things To Know

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From the DNC convention to the USPS, here is your weekly roundup in the world of politics and culture.

Rolling Blackouts Hit California

The largest state in the country is initiating rolling blackouts due to an energy shortage, harking back to the Enron-exploited energy crisis of 2001. 

The Democratic National Convention Happened

Good thing the post office doesn’t have a cable channel. 

Postmaster General to Appear Before Congress

Because we’re quickly turning into an authoritarian dystopia in which the constitutionally-enshrined Post Office is under attack, the Postmaster General will appear before the House Oversight Committee to answer questions about this “realignment.” 

The Bubble

No, it’s not the NBA Bubble. In this Chela exclusive, Dr. Lauro Amezcua-Patino dives into the pros and cons of a self-imposed bubble. 

Kids Are Still Going to College

Across the nation, students are moving into dorms, much to the chagrin of faculty and others who think it’s too soon. 

COVID Rising in Spain, France, and Germany

NPR reports that Europe’s most populated countries are seeing COVID surges after months of lockdown that’s attributable to young people doing young people things. 

CEOs Are Still Making Beaucoup 

The Economic Policy Institute reports that CEO compensation rose by almost 15 percent in 2019, widening inequality between executives and ordinary workers. Hear the pitchforks yet? 

Kamala Harris is Official

Kamala Harris officially accepted the nomination for vice president. She is the first black/brown candidate to run on the ticket of a major party. Ever. 

California is On Fire Again

As if COVID, traffic, economic turmoil and incessant fears of earthquakes weren’t enough, wildfires are raging around the Golden State. 

ICE and Netflix

Chela contributor Anakaren Navarro delves into this Netflix docuseries that tracks ICE under the Trump administration in this piece.


In this Chela exclusive, Lucy Tambara describes her journey through the maze of identity in the Latino world

Steve Bannon Indicted

Former Trump advisor and all-around scumbag Steve Bannon and a few others were charged for alleged fraud and money laundering in connection with the “Build the Wall” nonprofit. Sadly, the Don will likely stay teflon. 

Obama vs. Trump

Trump is a disaster of a president, incapable of doing anything that doesn’t hurt humanity. In this piece, Chela founder Brandon Loran Maxwell described how Obama was better in every way

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