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Listen To “Para Podérte Olividare” By ¿Qiénsave?

The song fuses somber memories of emotional loss with the band's signature bump and thump.

We’ve all been there. In our feelings. Drinking and smoking our feelings away. And if the hangover hits, it doesn’t matter. 

Capturing the joy and pain of that sweetest of hangovers, Cumbia traficantes ¿Quiénsave? meld Mariachi melancholy with peak diva Diana Ross sensuality and swag on their new single, “Para Poderte Olvidare,” (translated “to be able to forget you”).

The song fuses somber memories of emotional loss with the band’s signature bump and thump. Even in tough times, there’s always a good excuse to party your troubles away. 

Bandleader Carlos Cortez specifically cites Ross’s 1976 disco hit “Love Hangover” as an inspiration. In true singer/songwriter fashion, he co opted a sad Mariachi story of how dangerous la mala cruda can be. 

“This song is about letting go and letting go is hard, especially if it’s someone who did you wrong,” said Cortez. “Sometimes we have to let go and celebrate the success of moving forward instead of focusing on the loss.” 

Daily Chela is proud to premiere the single, which is the fourth release from the band’s upcoming album “El After.”

For more on the band, visit their website.

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