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L.A. Clippers Unveil New Chicano-Style Designs

The new apparel incorporates everything from Old English lettering to lowriders.

This past weekend, the L.A. Clippers unveiled a new collection of limited addition apparel, designed in collaboration with L.A.-based artist Mister Cartoon.

Like with most things Mister Cartoon does, the apparel comes with a noticeable Chicano twist—incorporating everything from Old English lettering to lowriders—and is part of larger promotional effort surrounding the L.A. Clippers’ new City Edition Jerseys.

Undoubtedly, the promotional move by the L.A. Clippers is designed to siphon fans away from the Los Angeles Lakers who have dominated L.A.’s basketball landscape for decades. Whether the strategy works long term or resonates to tickets sales remains to be seen.

The L.A. Dodgers have incorporated a similar strategy over the years with their own marketing. However, unlike the Clippers, the Dodgers already enjoy organic support from the Mexican American community, and nothing about their marketing feels contrived or disingenuous.

In either case, both teams seem to agree on one thing: Chicano culture is L.A. culture. I’m not sure anybody can blame the Clippers for embracing it and trying to broaden their appeal.

You can view the new apparel below, or by visiting the official website of Mr. Cartoon.

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