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The Extra Mile: Dorothy Mae and Dominga

"The Extra Mile" is an ongoing column spotlighting businesses that are giving back to the community during COVID-19.

Self-care should be added into our daily routines in order to keep us refreshed and rejuvenated. And of course because it makes us feel good!

Dorothy Mae and Dominga, created by Rachel Gomez-Wafer, found a way to give back to essential workers when you buy one of her whipped butter or exfoliating scrubs.

When you buy one, she gifts one.

Dorothy Mae and Dominga is just one of many small businesses taking the opportunity to offer small gestures of gratitude to those that are fighting every day amid everything going on in the world.

Out of the many scrubs and body butters offered, the Rona 2020 Skin Love Kits are among the most popular.

Rachel is creating and honoring the connections of the mind, body and spirit with organically handcrafted affordable skincare.

Dorothy Mae and Dominga are also giving back 25% of their total sales to local families, charities and artists in their community until the end of April.

Self-care may seem harder than usual. It may take us a little longer to get up in the morning to keep up with our daily routines that have been displaced in the past few months.

However, we know that the ones who are working tirelessly to keep us safe have not been uprooted from their routines, but instead have been placed in a much more sensitive working environment than they are used to.

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, we all need to remember we are human, we have to take care of ourselves as well as others during this time.

That means it’s okay to set aside time to reflect on those things that make you happy.

Let’s buy one and give one. Let’s help our essential workers incorporate self-care into their lives even when it seems impossible to do so.

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