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5 Things To Know For Wednesday

NOVEMBER 13th, 2019 – A new day is here and a lot of big things are happening around the world. Below are 5 newsworthy things to know as you start your morning.

The House will hold a public impeachment hearing today. It will be the first public impeachment hearing since 1998 when the House Judiciary Committee prepared to impeach Bill Clinton.

Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have grown increasingly violent, with police shooting one man, and another man being set on fire.
The Supreme Court appeared to side with Trump on DACA during arguments yesterday. However, an official ruling most likely won’t come until Spring of 2020.

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has risen to the top of the polls in Iowa at 22%. This matters because success in Iowa is typically viewed as an indication of how a candidate will perform nationally during an election.

According to a new report by the FBI, the number of victims in anti-Latino crimes rose over 21% in 2018. Overall, there were 671 victims in 2018, compared with 552 the year before.

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