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Weekend Events: Sip & Shop Rooftop

The Sip & Shop Rooftop event will be honoring Latina owned businesses with giveaways, drinks and more.

Businesses across the globe have taken a step back from their normal routines. As the world begins to settle into this new normal many have found new ways to operate during the pandemic.

While old businesses are returning to work, newer ones are also joining the reopening.

This Sunday in Glendale, The Sip & Shop Rooftop event will be honoring Latina owned businesses with giveaways, drinks and more.

But most importantly we will be taking this time to support these hard working women in our community who make a difference with each of their unique passions.

While following Covid guidelines, join ShopKaiMari, Brujitas Velasquez, Beauty Lab LA and Plantitud from 1:00 to 6:00 pm for some rooftop fun!


With a variety of styles to choose from, ShopKaiMari has an outfit for any occasion. Founded by two twin sisters, their goal was to obtain a clothing line that was affordable and stylish for all women.

If you want more comfort and confidence in what you wear, try out this Glendale boutique.

From starting off selling their clothes at swap meets, to expanding their success onto an online boutique ShopKaiMari pays close attention to detail when it comes to their pieces.

If you want to find out more about the looks they will be selling and get an inside scoop into their collections, follow them on Instagram!

Brujitas Velasquez

Laura and Cynthia are the creators of Brujitas Velasquez.

These two sisters put together their business by simply discussing certain stressors that they have been dealing with.

Little did they know that this conversation would turn into so much more. Taken as a distressing hobby, the sisters grab their inspirations from nature and healing stones that they work with.

“One thing we’ve both agreed on is not to work on our craft when we are feeling anxious or are in a negative mindset. We had no idea how helpful Brujitas would be to other people, so the most rewarding thing that has come from this is knowing we are helping people heal, whether it be mentally or emotionally.”

If you want to know more about Brujitas Velasquez, make sure to check them out on Sunday where they will be selling a variety of spiritual crystals.

Beauty Lab LA

At the start of the year, Ana Ochoa founded Beauty Lab LA which specializes in eyebrows and eyelash extensions.

Ochoa has been inspired by her 2 year old who has given her the motivation to go after her dreams of a career in the beauty industry. 

Committed to the quality of her products and services, Ochoa wants to bring beauty to her customers while using 100% cruelty free products.

Check out her lashes and learn more about her eyebrow services this Sunday!


Jennifer Gil is the creator of Plantitud and has a hand for creating beautiful planted pots and connecting with Mother Earth.

Finding her voice through positivity has always proved beneficial during difficult times. Jennifer’s Mother and Grandmother have given her a voice she often expresses through her art.

Inspired by the women in her life, Jennifer has paved the way for putting herself first.

She uses her roots, her passion for painting and planting to connect with the people she loves and to connect to her culture. Her love for plants transcends past what meets the eye.

“We as human beings are like plants, all plants but with preferences,” said said. “Plants lift my spirit and fill me with energy when I’m around them.”

From her love for art and her connection to the Earth, Jennifer hopes she inspires others to never stop fighting for a better tomorrow.

Learn more about her passion for planting and her one of a kind pots this weekend in Glendale.

Join The Fun

Show your support and join this group of diverse artists this Sunday for an array of different products. From beauty to wellness to becoming one with nature, this pop-up has something for everyone.

RSVP to let them know you’re attending by sending them a message on their Instagram accounts!

300 N central Ave
Glendale CA 91203

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