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Que Maldicion: Snoop Dogg Is For La Gente!

"Que Maldicion" beautifully depicts how intertwined Mexican culture is with L.A. culture.

Banda MS and Snoop Dogg’s long-awaited collaboration finally eased its way into the open ears of both banda and hip-hop fans everywhere.

The release of “Que Maldicion” came as no surprise for the many who follow Snoop Dogg’s social media. The Long Beach native has been seen listening to Banda MS multiple times on his Instagram story.

He announced his collaboration with Banda MS about a year ago and confirmed this past February that he would be performing along with them in July (whether the concert will take place anymore, is unclear). 

The song itself is quintessential banda music. The horn section and vocals pair up to tell the sorrows of heartache or “the curse of missing you.” Snoop Dogg’s flow very naturally aligns itself to the beat of the trombone allowing you to forget the seeming juxtaposition of two very different genres (not that it’s something you want to forget.)

As an L.A. raised Latinx woman, I can say that this collaboration brings newfound pride in what I consider “the music I grew up with.” It goes without saying that Snoop Dogg is and has been an immensely influential figure in the L.A. (and greater L.A. area) music scene.

I can probably count one hand the amount of times I have attended a party and a Snoop Dogg song was NOT played. I can also probably count on one hand the amount of times I have attended a Mexican party and Banda MS was NOT played. 

Listening to Snoop Dogg rap to the beat of the unmistakable sounds of my Mexican childhood hace que se me enchine el cuero. It gives me goosebumps.

The band also released an animated video featuring Snoop Dogg singing along with the two Banda MS lead vocalists. The trio appears singing on the stage of an empty hole-in-the-wall-esque restaurant. A very familiar scene to anyone who grew up in L.A. Live banda in the middle of a restaurant. The only thing missing are the mariscos

The next scene features Snoop Dogg rapping in the middle of a desert surrounded by cacti as the sun sets behind him. It’s almost impossible to ignore the connection between the nopales in the desert and the Mexican strive.

Although the song itself does not tell THAT story, it beautifully depicts how intertwined Mexican culture is with L.A. culture. You cannot think of one without the other. Watching Snoop Dogg embrace Mexican music so sincerely can only serve as a reminder of that. Let us hope for many more comparable collaborations!

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