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How To Attend The Muertos Artwalk & Novenario Procession

Muertos Artwalk Olvera Street
Celebrate the 6th Annual Olvera Street Muertos Artwalk

Founded in 1781, Olvera Street is a historical landmark loved by many. In fact, it remains one of the oldest streets in the city, and at just under 10 miles of cobblestone road, some even consider it the heart of Mexican L.A. 

A part of the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, it is also known for celebrating Mexican culture and holidays.

One of the most popular holidays is Dia de Los Muertos, better known as the Day of the Dead. On this day, family and friends come together to remember those who passed away. But instead of mourning death, they come together to celebrate the life our loved ones lived on earth. 

This Saturday, Olvera Street will be celebrating Dia de Los Muertos with the 6th Annual Olvera Street Muertos Artwalk. The event is free and celebrates local artists from the greater Los Angeles area, many who will be showcasing their talents through artwork, jewelry, clothing, accessories, face painting, and more!

To attend, stop by anytime between 10:00am and 7:00pm.

Following the Olvera Street Muertos Artwalk, Olvera Street will continue celebrating Dia de Los Muertos, which officially begins on Thursday, October 31st and ends on Saturday, November 2nd. 

In addition to the above festivities, nightly processions celebrating Dia de Los Muertos will take place at 7:00pm, October 25th through November 2nd. Before and after the event, there will also be a traditional Mayan Blessing with a soul cleansing, as well as Grupo Tartalejos, Aztec dancers and “Living Muertos.”

After the procession, a nightly ceremony will take place in the Kiosko. Here a loved one from a merchant family or a special member of the community will be honored at the event. Those who are in attendance can enjoy some sweet bread and champurrado as well. 

There will also be plenty of entertainment. Weekday entertainment runs 4:00pm–8:00pm. And throughout the weekend, entertainment runs 10:00am–8:00pm. In addition, the nine-day festival will have a display of altars, face painting, and activities for children. 

The community altars go on display October 2nd- November 2nd. 

For more event details, check out the Olvera Street website. Be sure to also look through the Artwalk event page to see what artists will be in attendance and how you can participate in future events. 

The merchants of Olvera Street have celebrated Dia de Los Muertos for over 30 years, and the festival that takes place is unlike anything else in L.A.

What are you waiting for? Get out and enjoy it!

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