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“Mi Vida” Is All About Chicanx Fashion & Expression

Mi Vida
Mi Vida’s retail philosophy is to provide the Los Angeles Chicanx community with an outlet for expression

Fashion encompasses most of our daily lives. We wake up, shower, and put on our best looks which contribute to our aura.  These embellished and handpicked pieces tell a story that everyone sees as we walk out the door.

Whether it’s for a night out on the town with your friends, a nice fancy dinner with a significant other, or just an evening stroll through the mall, what we choose to build together to form our outfit of the day takes time and consideration. 

Founded in 2008, Mi Vida is a boutique and community space that provides the Chicanx community with an outlet for expression.

Its founder Noel Reyes says she not only dreams of longevity for her business, but to expand her creative line throughout L.A. and the world.

In the past 11 years, Mi Vida has also strived to create a local and stable marketplace within L.A.

By doing so they have opened up an outlet for artists and creatives, giving artists the opportunity to showcase their work and personal styles.

On every second Saturday the location hosts a NELA Art Walk from 7:00pm to 11:00pm.

This special event is used to unite the barrio of Highland park and inspire the community with art, in turn enriching the culture that is influenced by Latinx residents.

If you’re looking for authentic, one of a kind Latinx wear, this is the place to shop.

If you visit their website you can also find a blog attached with reads like how to make your own flower corona, as well as a calendar of monthly events.

Being a part of the Latinx community is something that we should all be proud of. We should be proud to wear our culture on our sleeves. We should be proud of the countries that our parents came from, and where the generations before us came from as well. 

Creators and business owners like Reyes also embody the work of determined and focused individuals who want to leave a lasting impression of Latinx culture on people’s lives.  

Come check out Mi Vida. The atmosphere, the dedication to everything Latinx, and the evolving artists that step through these doors is just another reason to support this dream.


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