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Latinx21 Is A New Video Platform For The Latinx Community

Latinx21 gives you the opportunity to connect with others in the Latinx community.

Video sharing platforms continue to grow in popularity with the use of social media. Much of what we watch influences how we think and choose to connect, and videos are just one of the many devices we utilize in order to spread messages of importance. 

But what if I told you that there was a free video sharing platform that was centered around Latinx videos? A website filled with clips and messages from Latinx communities all over the world? An area where messages are valued, and stories documented?

If you are a video creator or short film extraordinaire, and eager to support Latinx culture, Latinx21 might be a place for you.

Latinx21 is a new video sharing platform that was created to engage and empower members of the latinx community, and give individuals the opportunity to share their stories, beliefs, expertise and insights. 

The website is filled with videos from many talented individuals all complied into one location, giving people from all over the world the opportunity to connect through film.

Founder of Latinx21, Dinah Perez, has a lot of experience in the entertainment spectrum and is passionate about creating a safe space for the Latinx community.

Perez started this platform because she was tired of the political discourse regarding immigrants. 

Her family immigrated from Cuba in the 1950s in order to create a better life and seek better opportunities for their family. This is a story most of us are all too familiar with, a story at times filled with highs and lows.

Perez wanted to create a space for everyone in order to bring people together. Not only people who are a part of the Latinx community, but also people who want to learn more about what makes the Latinx community special. 

Her goal was also to give the Latinx community a safe space to be themselves and to show what they are most proud of culturally. Whether it be our sacred traditions or our favorite foods or travel experiences, LatinX21 has a variety of classifications to choose from. 

Overall, 21 Spanish speaking countries around the world are all represented through one single platform. 

You can travel all over the world, or look through videos from different countries and find a commonality between what you know and what other people are doing. 

This website is filled with different ideas. And with different ideas comes different categories that can be searched through.

The categories include animals, art and culture, automobiles, business, comedy, DIY, education, entertainment, food, games, home, lifestyle, music, news, non-profit, science, spirituality, sports, technology, travel, family and contests!

Contests are a big category that many people get excited about. Lucky for us there is a upcoming contest that is taking place at ToolBox L.A. 

Latinx21 will be having a short film festival on November 16th. The event will honor Latinx-centric short films. 

Between 3:00pm-8:00pm you can enjoy a popcorn bar, taco bar, unlimited photo booth prints and more.

Although the event is free, suggested donations are appreciated.

All of the proceeds will go toward a nonprofit organization called RAICES. This nonprofit promotes justice by providing free and low cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees in Texas.

Come join Latinx21 in providing a new global Latinx experience with this new video platform.

These unique and honorable videos come from many voices and bring us together through entertainment and community. 

Be apart of an important movement, join the cause and share your voice! RSVP now to the Short Fest on Eventbright where you can learn more.

Check our their website and see how you can be more involved in your community. Share a story or film a scene, and share the colorful experience of being a Latinx! 

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