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“Latinas Who Travel” Is The Hottest New Travel Group

Latinas who travel
What makes this group special is that it adheres to women, and women only.

Many people like to plan their next travel destination in advance. Whether it be the sandy beaches of Hawaii or the icy tundra of an Alaskan cruise, many people want to travel the world. 

But where do you go? How do you choose one place when the world is so vast? The internet is as big as the world, and answers are just one enter key away from a new discovery.

Lucky for you I have found a community of Latinas who love to travel and share their experiences on the web. 

Latinas Who Travel Community and Movement is a bilingual establishment who have banded together to empower Latinas and women of color to grab a bag and book a plane ticket.

Not only do you get a community of individuals who have the travel bug, but you can join a network that provides meetup groups, travel events and group trips to support you on your adventures.

Through media outlets like Facebook, a special newsletter made by Latinas Who Travel, and Instagram, you can be connected through the web to discuss travel tips, share stories, and must see destinations. 

Take a look at the hashtag #LatinasWhoTravel on Instagram so you can see the featured women who have taken the first step to venturing around the globe. 

What makes this group special is that it adheres to women, and women only. This can provide a safe space for us ladies to ask the right questions. 

How can we save money to travel? How can we stay safe? Can we travel alone? What if no one wants to travel with me? Where are the best places to travel? The list goes on and on…

We are often faced with adversity because it may seem that we can’t do things alone, but as a fellow solo traveler it’s easier than it seems. 

Olga Marie is the founder of this group and created this community based on two profound experiences. 

One: she did not meet any Latinas through traveling and would often hear through locals that she was the first Latina they have met. 

And two: she also noticed the reluctance that the people around her had to traveling. Many of the people she knew would stay local or travel to familiar places in fear of the unknown and leaving comfort zones. 

In these two life changing moments, Latinos Who Travel came into existence. She then created a platform to expunge the fear and stigma behind traveling. The page was made in order to give Latina women the peace of mind to travel, to learn about safe ways to explore and to come together as a Latina community.

As Latinas we are searching for exclusivity and the more we look the more we see the individuals striving to create brands and communities that bring us together.

Whether you want to travel and just need the extra nudge of encouragement, or you want to join an amazing group of Latina women who have more stamps in their passports than you can count, this page is for you! 

Traveling throughout the world will not only provide you insight into new cultures but it can bring you understanding about your own. 

Latinas Who Travel is one of those platforms that will not only give you advice but will provide you with over 3,000 new Latina hermanas who will encourage you, support you, and lift you up. 

And what’s better than that? So grab your phones, and add Latinas Who Travel to your mailing lists, follow them on Instagram and join their group on Facebook!

Book your flights, grab your passports and stay connected! We can’t wait to see where you go in 2020! 

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