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Behind The Film “L.A Originals” With Estevan Oriol

LA Originals Behind The Scenes

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In the latest episode of The Hard Luck Show, Big Lucks and the crew sit down with L.A.Originals Director Estevan Oriol, as well as Big Lepke and Skinhead Rob.

Revealed: what it’s like to work with Netflix, how Lepke and Estevan met, how Skinhead Rob and Lepke plotted against Kanye West’s security, how Estevan dealt with the onslaught of butthurt buddies who couldn’t be fit into a 90 min film, the full Lepke royal flush on his heroin addiction, Big Luck’s history with Estevan, and the secret to a 30 year career in documenting L.A.’s history and roots on film.

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