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EP 59. The Hard Luck Show – Concetta’s Costco Scam

Hard Luck Show

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About The Show: Your bluetooth will laugh all the way to the bank when Concetta hits Big Lucks and the crew with the diabolical details of how she took Costco for over $100K in an ingenious, invidious scam to end all scams, how she confused local authorities in different counties with her parole shinanigans, how a gambling addiction and meth habit drove her to the deepest, darkest, dreadful, dire and dismal point of her life, how she moved heaven and earth to turn it around, open her own successful sober living and now funds a non-profit that teaches trades and skills to people who want to work. First you won’t believe your ears, then you won’t believe reality, this is a super saucy mix of moxy and don’t quit attitude that proves it’s never too late to start again!

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