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Somos Ancestria

We believe a better future can be rewritten. A future where pillars consider to be fundamental & essential will be restored.

Where consensus and transparency can be reached; a place where Digital Neocolonialism of our most valuable assets can be avoided and our privacy-sovereignty can be truthfully defended.

We know the only way for a sustainable future is collaboration; to be able to establish continuous growth links between all participants and stakeholders to develop hybrid-pentahelix models that positively impact society, environment, industries, governments and academy (Science &Tech Development) is the only solution.

Only a win-win for everyone will save us from ourselves.

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San Francisco

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The Daily Chela is a new digital media outlet for Chicanos/Latinos that has by cited by NBC News, Yahoo News, Vox, The Washington Post, Fox Sports, former presidential candidate Julián Castro, and the National Association Of Hispanic Journalists.

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